Future Resource Center Plans

Hope Animal Sanctuary, Inc. is a non-profit organization founded to transform and save the lives of homeless cats and dogs and nurture the human-animal bond. Our goal is the creation of Hope Animal Resource Center, a new, no-kill shelter with an innovative, animal-centric design and bright home-like atmosphere that will compassionately embrace homeless pets, actively encourage adoptions, and warmly welcome the public to visit and learn about the animals in our care. Hope will be a loving and tranquil refuge for cats and dogs who are eagerly waiting for their forever homes, and it just might change the way you think about animal shelters. Hope has purchased a 222 acre horse farm in New Jersey that we plan to retrofit into our Resource Center. We are currently working with shelter planners, engineers, lawyers and other professionals on plans that we hope the township and other government agencies will accept and embrace.


Cold steel cages, chain-link fences, harsh kennel lighting, stale air filled with the echoing sounds of frightened, barking dogs and crying cats-- hardly ideal elements for recovery from the trauma of abandonment, abuse, a hard life on the street, or the sudden loss of a loving home. The environment of a traditional animal shelter can be scary, confusing and very stressful for homeless cats and dogs, and can even discourage potential adopters from visiting or interacting with prospective new pets. And with each passing day in their cages, homeless animals can sink into depression and develop cage-related behavior disorders, making them less and less likely to be adopted.


At Hope, homeless dogs and cats will be able to experience a new standard in animal care based on the advances made at shelters such as the Washington Animal Rescue League in Washington, D.C. (www.warl.org ). Small cages and steel bars will be a thing of the past, replaced by spacious, light-filled “suites” and “condos” designed by shelter experts to encourage natural behaviors, promote wellbeing and minimize stress. Glass block walls and clear and translucent windows and doors will allow natural light and human interaction to be an integral part of the animals’ day.

The noise associated with traditional kennels will be virtually non-existent, eliminated by designs that actually reduce dogs’ stress and therefore reduce barking. Specially-created ventilation and air filtration systems will keep the environment fresh and healthy.

Our warm, inviting adoption areas, play areas and “real life” rooms will combine with these specialized living quarters to create a happy and relaxed atmosphere that meets the physical, emotional and social needs of the cats and dogs in our care. They will also welcome visitors to enjoy quality time with a potential new family member and encourage the best placement of our cats and dogs in their forever homes.


We believe that the best shelter is a humane community, and beyond working to foster the wellbeing and adoption of the animals in our care, Hope will foster the human-animal bond by serving as a valuable, multi-faceted resource to our neighbors and their pets.

Services for All We will provide programs that run the gamut from a pet behavior helpline for new and long-time pet parents to puppy training classes to volunteer opportunities that let the public become a part of our work for the animals.


Low-Price Spay/Neuter Hope’s work for animals will include addressing pet overpopulation through a vigorous on-site and mobile spay/neuter campaign. Building on the success of our already flourishing mobile spay/neuter clinics in Philadelphia, we intend to reach the pets of those in underserved communities who have low-to-moderate incomes. By stopping the cycle of unwanted pet births before it starts, we will reduce the number of unwanted animals that suffer as feral strays or are killed in overcrowded shelters simply because they have no homes.

Help for Pet Owners in Need We will serve local homebound pet owners who have limited incomes by providing meals and treats for their pets through our AniMeals program. AniMeals helps keep people and their companion pets together by removing logistical and financial obstacles to ensure that clients will always be able to provide nutritious meals for their beloved pets.

Humane Education We will sponsor science-based humane education programs at local schools to compliment and reinforce classroom lesson plans. We will hold on-site day camps and special events to teach area children about respect for animals and the environment.

Animal Assisted Therapy This program will provide opportunities for individuals with special needs to experience the physical and emotional benefits of human-animal interaction. We will develop animal-assisted therapy initiatives for children, seniors and individuals with disabilities.

Shelters in our area currently kill thousands upon thousands of cats and dogs each year simply because there are not enough homes for them. Lack of access to basic veterinary care or behavior training for one pet can mean the difference between life and death for scores of animals. The word “shelter” can still conjure up images of pet prisons. Hope Animal Resource Center will help to change all of that, with a progressive re-imagining of animal care and programs that meet the needs of this area’s animals and their human families.